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Bylaws for the Alabama Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

by on November 2, 2010


Alabama Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

Article I–Definitions

Section I “Chapter” as used herein shall refer to the Alabama Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Section II The name of the chapter shall be the “Alabama Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.”

Section III “Meetings” as used herein shall mean regularly scheduled or special meetings authorized by the Board of Directors.

Article II–Meetings

Section I–There shall be at least eight board meetings of the chapter each year, the times and places to be fixed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also shall be authorized to call meetings of the chapter.

Section II–Notice of meetings shall be sent by e-mail to the recorded address of each member of the chapter at least seven days in advance.

Section III–There may be special or designated meetings for special occasions or for initiations, the time and place of such meetings to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section IV–For the transaction of chapter business at any meeting, a quorum shall consist of no less than three-quarters of the board.

Article III–Officers

Section I– Only professional members shall be officers of the chapter. The officers of the chapter shall be: President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer, and they shall perform the functions customarily associated with such titles. Each of these officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors from among its newly elected and incumbent members (except that the secretary and treasurer, because of the specialized nature of their duties, may be selected from the membership at large) at a combined board meeting of incumbent and incoming board members and shall assume office July 1. These officers shall serve for one year or until a successor has been elected. The retiring secretary is to notify National Headquarters immediately of the names of the new officers and date they take office. Each of these officers shall be elected during the meeting immediately preceding the July-August summer recess, shall take officer immediately.

Section II–At least two months before the meeting at which the annual election is to take place, the President shall appoint a committee of three professional members to nominate officers and directors from the professional membership to be voted upon at the last meeting before summer recess. Professional members also may make nominations for these positions from the floor at the time of election.

Section III–The President is authorized to appoint such committees and/or committee chairmen as he/she deems necessary.

Article IV–Board of Directors

Section I–This chapter shall have a board of directors of nine elected voting members, including incumbents who have been elected or appointed to office as defined in Article III, Section I. It shall also have one board-appointed alternate members, who shall vote only when fewer than 8 elected members are present. Considered ex-officio voting members of the board will be the secretary and treasurer, if elected from among the general membership; and the immediate past president.

Section II–All chairs of regular standing committees shall be entitled to make motions connected with reports of their committees or areas of responsibility, to participate in related discussions and to vote according to the provisions of Article IV, Section I.

Section III–Except for Board members sitting because of immediate past presidency or incumbency in chapter officer, directors shall be elected to serve two-year terms, one-half elected annually. The nominating committee shall present its report at a prior Board meeting at which time other nominations may be made. Thereafter it shall serve as an election committee to count ballots, to certify results at a subsequent Board meeting, and to recommend as to matters of term, or to fill out unexpired terms.

Section IV–The President of the chapter shall be Chairman of the Board and shall preside at Board meetings. In case the President is unable to attend, the Vice President, or officer appointed by the President, shall preside in his/her place.

Section V–The Board of Directors shall be responsible for these basic functions: (1) Membership and attendance; (2) Chapter meetings; (3) Professional programs; (4) Planning; (5) Convention representatives; (6) Cooperation with National Headquarters in all matters furthering the programs and goals of the Society. This shall specifically include submission to National Headquarters of membership rosters and financial and other reports required.

Section VI–Vacancies among officers or Board members due to death, resignation or other cause shall be filled by a majority vote of the directors present at any meeting at which a quorum is present.

Article V–Membership

Section I–All professional members in good standing with the National Society shall be eligible for professional membership in this Alabama Pro Chapter.

Section II–Any professional member may submit for nomination the name of a proposed new member and it shall be the duty of the chapter’s Board of Directors to determine whether the nominee is eligible for membership under the By-Laws of the National Society. Nominees for professional membership shall be approved either by a majority vote of the chapter’s professional members present and voting, or by a majority vote of the chapter’s Board of Directors.

Article VI–Convention Attendance

Section I–The chapter shall be represented at each National Convention by a delegate and an alternate elected by the chapter and in good standing with the National Society. The delegate and alternate shall be professional members.

Article VII–Dues and fees

Section I–The amount of local dues to be paid by each member of the chapter shall be fixed by the Board of Directors, subject to ratification by the professional membership. Professional members shall pay dues at the beginning of each calendar year, or, if they join during the year, shall pay dues on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the calendar year.

Section II–At the time of initiation, a local initiation fee, to be determined by the chapter’s Board of Directors, may be assessed. Local dues and initiation fees are in addition to those payable to the National Society.

Article VIII–Amendments

Section I–Amendments to these By-Laws may be proposed at any meeting of the Board of Directors or of the general membership and be put out to a vote, either by mail or e-mail ballot or at a subsequent meeting, ordinarily the following one. To become effective they must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors present, if the proposal originated at a directors’ meeting; or, a majority of the members present and voting if the proposal originated at a meeting of the general membership or was referred to the general membership by the Board of Directors.

Section II–The By-Laws may be amended at any time by the written or e-mail ballot or the consent of a majority of the voting members of the Board of Directors or of the general membership.

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