Welcome to the new site for SPJ-Alabama Pro

Old site

Farewell, old site. You served us well.

You’ll notice several new features as you poke around our updated website. I’ll point a few of those out:

First, check out the calendar of upcoming events. Or, OK, don’t yet, not really–we’ve got to plan some events! But this will serve as a source of not only upcoming SPJ-Alabama Pro events, but also events we believe would interest our membership. Got suggestions? Give us a head’s up. Right now, the best way to do that is by filling out the contact us form (look under the “about” tab at the top of the page) or emailing chapter president: cj AT carlajeanwhitley DOT com. Our email newsletter will remain active, as well.

We’ve also created space for a job board. Yes, we encourage you to visit sites such as MediaBistro and JournalismJobs.com. We’ve got links to them, too. But occasionally we’ll hear of an Alabama opportunity that we can’t find on any of our go-to sites. This is a way for us to keep each other in the loop. Submit, submit away!

Finally, we’ve built out a list of resources valuable to Alabama journalists. You can see that under the resources tab above.

We hope to make this site increasingly valuable to our membership, so please share feedback.


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